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How to Drive Traffic To a Blog From Stumble Upon

The website that has the powerful potential to drive traffic to a blog is Stumbleupon.It has a crazy way of sending good referral traffic from their time instantly.The way of getting traffic is very simple and if it is used properly,you can get lots of traffic from the site regularly.

How to Drive Traffic To a Blog From Stumble Upon

   You have to follow simple steps to get traffic from the site.
How to Drive Traffic To a Blog From Stumble Upon


  Goto and register yourself.Give all the necessary details.


 select your interests.You will be shown posts according to your selected interests.

Choose some Web designing etc.. for blogging posts.

3.Add Page

 On the top right corner,you will find a drop down button.Click on that and select ADD A PAGE.Now you will be redirected to the add a new page section.
add page

Enter your URL in webpage address and complete the remaining fields.Add suitable tags and enter good description of your post and click ADD THIS PAGE.Select the correct interest of your post.For blogging and SEO posts select SEO or Web blogs or Web Development section.

 Now you will see an increase in your pageviews.This will exist as long as the user in the page views your content.


  The traffic you experience is just a intro.The real traffic lies in your content.When people stumbles your post,it will spread just like the share in facebook.Now your post will be exposed to various people and your likes increases.You will get good followers.
 If you have more followers,then your post will get a lot of traffic as it will definitely reach your followers and for each stumble it will spread.

How To Get More Followers

 To get more followers add exciting posts not only from your blog but also from others.GIF and Flash based animation posts get huge stumbles.Find them and add them.This will get you some good followers and after that you can add your own page and it will get a lot of traffic.

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