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How To Get Massive Traffic To your Blog

Success of a blog depends on the traffic and visitors to the blog.All your earnings,rankings,PR.etc. etc. depends on the traffic your drive to your blog.For this,we have to follow some techniques and strategies to GET MASSIVE TRAFFIC TO YOUR BLOG with some Good and loyal visitors.There are many strategies to get traffic.


How To Get Massive Traffic To your Blog
  These are the some of the best and good strategy to get huge loads of massive traffic to your blog.All you have to do is to follow these tips and ways.


 The first step is to write a content.Good content will automatically attract traffic.You have to write good quality content of your own.Don't just copy others content just as most of the beginners do.It will ruin your blog and make you duplicate.

Write posts of length more than 700 words.Choose some low and highly searched keywords by keyword research.Make sure you have proper seo optimization and You have a great content.


 This decides whether your blog should succeed or not.If your blog is SEO optimized,then you will have good loads of traffic from search engines.This is the main source of traffic to 98% of blogs.
You have to follow the basic and advanced SEO techniques to make your blog rank in the first page of google.So when people search for the desired items,your blog shows up in the google and there is ample way of getting traffic.
But ranking at the top of google results requires hard word and advanced SEO techniques


  This is the second largest way to get huge and massive traffic.Facebook stands first in social media traffic.You have to build relationship with people on facebook and get good traffic.Create fb pages and groups and reach more people and get  more traffic.You can also share your posts on facebook gropus so that you get other's attention.
Social media traffic

There are other social media like twitter,google plus which gets you good traffic.Create google community and get more followers on twitter by your works.
If you are good at making tutorial videos,then you can get traffic from youtube.Place your link at the decription and get traffic.


  Social bookmarking makes your blog to get more visitors by referring them.Stumble upon is a powerful site that can generate huge traffic instantly.IF it is of great quality,people will stumble them and your traffic doubles up.Finally you will get huge traffic.

Social bookmarking
Another site of great potential is reddit.All you have to do is to submit your post link to reddit.When people upvote it,Your karma will increase that makes the link to go viral and a lot of people get into your blog.


   They are like social bookmarking but here you will submit your site to HIGH PR directories which will increase your blog's ranking in search engines.You have to submit your posts and site address to many directories Dmoz,Klink etc. etc.
  There are lot of directories and it is recommended not to submit in many directories.It will make Google to consider your blog as spam and you will be penalized for it.


  Link building techniques are used to improve rankings of your blog.There are many ways of building links like Blog commenting,guest posting .etc.
 Blog commenting and Forums are the main source of building links.Join in Blog based forums like WARRIORFORUM and build your authority.Don't spam them and you will be kicked out.You have to follow the rules to get links.
  Blog commenting requires you to comment on other blog posts with your site's link.Make sure you comment with some real meanings and don't just comment as "Good post" "nice Post" etc. This will make your comment spam and it will not be approved.
         Comment luv enabled blogs are the main source of building links by commenting.It will post the last published post of your blog with your comment and people visiting the commented blog may visit your blog.


  Internal linking is nothing but providing links of your post in other post of the same blog.This will make the returning visitor to stay in your blog.Make sure you link relevantly.
    Don't make too many internal linking which will reduce your blog's optimization.It is recommended to include the links of related posts at the end of each posts and link some other posts unded "ALSO CHECK" etc. like these headings.Internal linking will helps to reduce the Bounce Rate of your blog.

8.Other Ways

  There are some other ways by which you can get some loads of traffic.They include sign up feature for your blog's feed,which sends your blog post to the user's email at regular intervals.This will bring in traffic.
 You can also use the websites like Yahoo answers,STACK OVERFLOW and other answer providing websites to drove traffic by answering the questions posted on them by various users.


  Whatever the strategy may be,All you need to get good traffic is Hard work,Good content and some patience.Just don't expect to get traffic immediately,It takes time to establish your own place to get massive traffic

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  2. I have a question, if you don't mind. I have two blogs, one I've written for 2-3 years now and another I just recently started. They're in different genres and so I chose a brand name for each. How can I comment on the type of blogs that would pair well with the second blog (i.e. romance versus the horror of the first). I can't find a way to separate the two to make comments under each brand name on other sites. Thanks for your help!!

    Ashley Jones

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