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How To Have Safe Online Transactions-Bank and Card Transactions

In today's world everything have gone Online and it's easy to buy products online.Many online shopping sites are available and most of them provide free Shipping which makes it more comfortable.
But the main Problem lies in safety.There are many hackers who can highjack your account details and transact your money for them.To avoid these and secure your money follow these methods on How To Have Safe Online Transactions.These will help you to stay secured.

How To Have Safe Online Transactions

1.Check For HTTPS

 https are the secured connections.These are session documents and gets expired after some fixed time.Here your enter details will not be saved.You can trust a transaction site if it has Https encryption while login and on entering your card details.
For example take Facebook.It is secures and you can see https on the address bar like below

You can find a lock symbol next to it indicating that it is protected.


 For most of the online transactions site and other secured site,a certificate known as VERISIGN or DIGICERT certificate will be provided by the verisign company.
 The company verifies the security of the site and the details and then provided the certificate for that site.
Those sites are maximum secures and can be truseted.Most of the top sites like Godaddy,ebay and many more are verisign certificated.

You can check the verisign certificate by clicking the lock symbol next to the https.Here in facebook,You can see the verification by Digi cert.

3.No Refresh

 The main thing you have to keep in mind is that don't refresh while the money is transacting.You will be notified the same by the transaction website.If you refresh there is a lot of chance to get duplicate payments and your money gets deducted double.
 If you get any problems,start the process again and don't refresh the page.

4.Check the Final Amount on the Bank's Site

  To always confirm the amount that you are going to transact,check the payment amount on the bank's transaction site where you enter the password.
 That is the final amount including all amenities and if the amount selected on the seller's site exceeds,clarify the fees and then pay

5.Change 3-D password frequently

  3d password is the password combination of letters,characters and numbers.You have to create it for your first transaction by giving your account details and card PIN number.After that you can use that password for the following transactions.
 My suggestion is that to change the 3d password if you are not a frequent buyer.Change your password after each transaction to make it secure

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