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How To Implement SEO in Your Blog-Basic SEO optimization

SEO is the heart of blogging.Without SEO your blog has very less chance of becoming successfull.SEO is nothing but optimizing your blog post for search engine friendly use.If your blog has good SEO ,then your blog has the high chance to get traffic from search engine that is GOOGLE.If your blog and posts lacks SEO then See this guide On HOW TO IMPLEMENT SEO IN YOUR BLOG that is The BASIC SEO OPTIMIZATION of your blog posts.

How To Implement SEO in Your Blog-Basic SEO optimization

How To Implement SEO in Your Blog-Basic SEO optimization
 Basic SEO optimization requires you to optimize your blog post at the time of writing it and by other small changes.This will make your blog SEO friendly and makes it Good for Rankings


  The first step in the basic SEO optimization is the selection of good SEO friendly and responsive blogger template.Responsive is the adaptation of your blog design to various resolutions-devices.Choose the blogger template that is SEO optimized and has fast loading speed.This will reduce bounce rate and increase your traffic.There are many SEO optimized templates for blogs.


 To rank in google and get targeted traffic,you have to implement keywords in your blog post.Select the keywords from keyword research and implement in your posts.Use the keywords in Headings,Title,permalink,description and in first and last paragraph of your post.When people search for that keyword in google,your blog will rank in that result.You have to select low competition and highly searched keywords and Select long tailed keywords.


   Headings plays an important rule in SEO.Use h2,h3,h4 in your blog.Use the keywords in your heading tags to improve your SEO.Place the heading tags properly in your blog.Extensive use leads to fall.Make sure you use atleast 3 headings in your blog post

4.Search Description

 Search description are the the set of sentences that appears below your blog's link in the search result.In blogger you have to first turn it on by visiting SETTINGS>OTHER>SEARCH DESCRIPTION.Turn it to ON and enter few words about your blog.
search description

  You must add description to every post of your blog post.When writing your post,on the right side you will find the search description option.Click it and enter few words about your post.This will be displayed when the link is shown in google results.You can use your keywords in the description to enhance your SEO and rankings.


  You can find the permalinks on the right side of blogger writing mode.Choose the automatic permalink if your title is short.

Otherwise select a permalink that is 5-7 words which must contain your keywords and complete idea of your blog post.This will help you to rank in google by considering your permalink as a mode of keyword.


 Labels are nothing but category that groups the post under the common label name.Use it to separate your blog post according to their belonging name.

For example:technology , SEO , blogging etc.
This may useful for the readers to view the post by their category or by the group.


 The above methods are the basic SEO optimization that each and every blog should have.Other OFF-Page optimization includes other techniques like link building and some other ways.Make sure that you IMPLEMENT SEO in Your BLOG that will make your blog SEO friendly and rank well in search engines and thus gives you good traffic

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