Sunday, 20 July 2014

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How To Make Your School/College To Work For Your Blog

Most of the bloggers now are either school or college students.Now they can make their school and college to work for the promotion or improvement of their blog.With these innovative ideas you can make them do so.If you are in college,you will be benefited more than school as college is more practical than school.All you have to do is some mischievous work to make them work.

How To Make Your School/College To Work For Your Blog

 Follow these ideas to make them work for you.All i have to tell is,do it on your own risk but with courage and confidence.
How To Make Your School/College To Work For Your Blog

1.Make your Site as Homepage in Labs with Alexa

  This is a massive trick.Just go to your computer based labs and most of the labs are internet enabled.Just set your site or blog as homepage in all the browsers and if possible in all computers with the help of your friends.
  Now the trick is to install alexa toolbar in all the browsers.Many public computer labs don't have admin rights but installing alexa to browsers does not require admin rights.So you can easily install them.Whenever a person opens the browser,you will get good increase in alexa rank

2.Make Your Blog address as Signature in E-Mail

 Most of the college requires you to send attached emails of assignment the professors or lecturers.So set your blog link as signature which will be sent whenever you send an email to anyone.
 This induces the reader/or mail receiver to visit your blog and it also sometimes leads to sharing


 Many technical symposiums are conducted during colleges.Use of knowledge is of great importance.Get the chance of designing the site and place a link of your site as "DEVELOPED OR DESIGNED BY....." etc. This also provides you a backlink with some benefit by the credits to your blog.

4.College Portal/Site

 Many colleges have website or portal which is mostly maintained by students or staffs.Take part in the maintenance crew and add your link in the site credits.
 Through portal you can send messages.Send your blog link as mail and ask them to check it out.Don't spam or else you will be in trouble in college.

5.Sharing with Friends

 Nothing works well other than sharing.Make your friends informed that you have a site and the address.This will result in huge promotion.Each of them will visit your's regularly and they share with others.
  So multiplication occurs and the blog gets popular within your circles and this circle extends as your friends share them.

Final Words

 Just keep in mind that you are doing it in an institution and don't spam the official ones too much.This will affect your academics.Be safe and enjoy the work of your work/study institutions.

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