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Top 5 Awesome Ideas to Make A New Blog Popular

Creating a New blog is easy but maintaining and making it popular is not easy.A popular blog makes it successfull and gets you a whole lot of traffic and income.Mostly you have to work hard to make a new blog popular among bloggers and people.But if you follow some strategies and make it look alike not a new blog.Here are 5 AWESOME IDEAS TO MAKE A NEW BLOG POPULAR.These are just some simple strategies to make your blog popular to make it success.

Top 5 Awesome Ideas to Make A New Blog Popular

  There are many blogs created in a minute and most of them die out.
Niche blogs hold good for a particular niche and event blogs loses its potential at the end of the event.These methods make your long term blog to hold for long time as you update them.


 This is the key work to do.Don't just publish your blog and then make posts.Make sure you plan everything properly.Post some about 10-15 posts before publishing and make sure you have then in Good quality.Select a good SEO friendly blogger template to make your hold in SERP.Do all the necessary optimization before publishing it.This will make a good blog.


 After publishing You must get ranked in google.So you have to make off page SEO optimization.Start building links.Build links by submitting your site to blog directories and blog commenting.Make Good links for your blog and dont get spammy links which will degrade your blog.Try to avoid spamming in other blogs.


 Now to be a killer,Brank your blog.Make your blog spread viral in Social media and other circles.Make some cool promotion status and make it to go viral by following the facebook killer strategies.Make impressive status so that everyone would share it.If you have fb pages with good followers,then this might not be a problem.Because fb pages serves good in this type of promotion.Get shares on fb by joining share groups.

4.Be Updated

 Update your blog regularly.Post atleast one post a day.Two post a day will be good.This will attract more and more readers to check your blog frequently.Use Keywords to attract targeted traffic.Don't make your blog to remain silent.Make it interactive with some video tutorials and some most searched posts.Some posts gets more traffic as they top the most searched list.Posting some reviews about them will attract you good readers.


 Another factor which is important for a blog is readership.You have to maintain a good relationship with your readers.Engage with conversation in social media and answer them.Reply to the comments made on your blog.Know the need of your readers and post accoedingly.Once they believe your blog and if it is updated regularly,You will get a good amount of traffic daily from same visitors.This will boost up your ranks.They are your loyal visitors and you have to build a lot of them.


 There are many niche blogs created for each and every moment.Make the best on your blog to stand out in competition.And you have to be patient to see your success.

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