Wednesday, 16 July 2014

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Top 5 Ways To Increase Your Alexa Rankings

Alexa is a website information company as it is self described.Alexa ranks websites according to traffic measures.Alexa is a part of Amazon company.Alexa ranking shows the rank of your websites among the websites all over world.Many people think that alexa is not important,but it is important to a great extent.It decides the advertising option of your blog.Advertisers often select the blogs with good alexa rankings to advertise.Here are the TOP 5 WAYS TO INCREASE YOUR ALEXA RANKINGS.These will help you to boost your alexa to a large extent.


 Alexa takes a different method to rank the websites.People who visits the site with alexa toolbar will be mostly taken count.

Those sites will take a good alexa rank.So follow the below steps to get good alexa rankings.


 The first person helping to increase the alexa ranking is you.Install Alexa toolbar from the alexa websites to your browsers.Whenever you visit your blog with your alexa toolbar,your ranking is going to increase.If you are constant viewer make sure you definitely install it.Make sure you visit your blog daily


 As mentioned above,alexa takes count of visitors with their system.So install alexa widget on your blog.Goto and create your account.Claim your site by completing the verification process.Now get your alexa widget code and paste it on your site.Now the widget show your blog's rank and links.This will help your to increase your alexa ranks to some extent

3.Make Your Friends To Install Alexa Toolbar 

 Everyone must have a huge friendship circle.Ask them to install alexa toolbar and tell them to visit your blog frequently.This will boost your alexa ranking to a very large extent.
 If your friends don't know about your blog,tell them to install the alexa toolbar and also make them visit your blog by introducing it to your friends.They will be eager to check out what you have upto and this spreads to various people.
So this is a effective method of increasing alexa ranking

4.Get Traffic From Bloggers

 Most of the bloggers will have alexa toolbar installed.So when they visit your blog,You will surely experience the increase in rankings.So Try to write some Blogging tips and SEO,Blogging related articles to attract them visit your blog.
 If they share your article,then there will be the income of more bloggers to your blog and your alexa goes increasing in Multiplication basis.


 This is a blackhat method which will boost alexa ranking hugely.This is nothing but a bot similar to Facebook likes bot.The bot site is AlexaBoostup
Go to this site and register your site.After that click LAUNCH AUTOSURF BOOSTER.Now the site automatically popups and closes visiting websites.Make sure you have installed alexa toolbar.You will get points for auto surfing and this point will be used to make your site visitable to others.When they visit with alexa toolbar,your ranking increases.You will be provided with 100 points at first.This method is not recommended as it is bot and not dependable


 Alexa plays a key role in earnings.These days alexa just overtook PR as it is dependable on Links and alexa shows the reputation and the rank of your blog which attracts advertisers to co-operate with your blog

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