Monday, 4 August 2014

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How To Drive Traffic To A Blog From Whatsapp

There are many ways many people driving traffic to their blog.Social media plays an important role in getting good traffic to a blog.Most of the bloggers use Facebook,G+ and more to dive traffic to their blog.Now you can also get a good load of traffic to your blog from whatsapp.
    All you have to do is to follow some simple strategies to get traffic from whatsapp to your blog.
How To Drive Traffic To A Blog From Whatsapp


 Keep your whatsapp status as your blog or site address.Many people often check your status and when they got your address,surely they will visit your site and it increases your views.More friends produce more results.
 These status will attract the user to visit your site,but most of the visits will be from mobile site as whatsapp is solely for mobile.


 Create a blogging groups with your friends or bloggers and share the tips there.BE active and you will get more traffic to your blog by sharing your post link.
 Make sure you add all the active ones in the group and exchange some tricks,tips,ideas so that you can get visits by other users.

3.Broadcast List

 Using Broadcast feature you can send messages to many people at once without showing the receivers to other users.Using this feature create a broadcast list with bloggers and send your blog address as message to all of them,asking them to check it and this will be more useful.
The list can be used for future use.Create many list with your friends and you will get some good results.


 Get the most out of it without spamming others.Make sure you share only useful ones and dont send them frequently and they will not see your message.Be simple and make others trust you and get good traffic.

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