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How To Get More Comments On A Blog Post

The comments on your blog post shows the engagement of your blog with your readers.It also helps to build some good relationship with fellow bloggers which is more important for a successful blogger.It also helps you to improve SEO if your keywords are used in the comments.
How To Get More Comments On A Blog Post

 For a good content,it must be above 500 words.Google also takes the comments into the account and your post will be above good number of words if you get more comments.Now Get More Comments To A Blog Post using the below techniques.

1.Publish Interactive Posts

  To be more clear,be interactive with your readers.Get to know about their needs and post.Posts which the readers have doubts will give you with more comments.
 Usually posts with innovative ideas will get appreciation and praising comments.Technical and Trick oriented posts get more doubts and clarification comments which will have keywords in most of the cases.This will engage good content and blog relationship with readers.

2.Install Third Party Commenting System

 Third party commenting system will induce more commenters as they provide link to their blog for every comment.CommentLuv is the most preferred commenting system.It can be easily installed on Wordpress and for Blogger,install it using INTENSEDEBATE.
 These commenting system provides a link to the commenter's blog and also shows the recent post of their blog.This will induce them to comment more on your blog.

3.Raise A Question Or Ask Suggestion

  After providing a trick or tech oriented ideas,just raise a question like 
Does this trick worked for You ?.Comment It 
Any problem ?,comment here.
These type of questions will give you good comments.
 You can also ask for suggestion from your readers to increase the post ability,if good,they will give you suggestion in the comments.

4.Facebook Groups

 There are some groups in facebook for comment exchange which gives you comment for your comments.Just join in those groups and get benefited.But don't spam these groups and they will ban you.Just search in facebook for those groups and I can't reveal them.

5.Good Authority And PR

  If your blog have good authority and PR,there is 100% chance of getting lots of comments.They will comment to get good backlink from a high PR blog or site.
 The problem here is the SPAM.There will be a lot of spam in those blogs.So they use Moderation to avoid them.
 So build good authority to get more good comments and better engagement as they comment on every new post.They return to your blog and will be a loyal reader.


  The good engagement of readers is to connect to them and comments is one of those ways.You may comment on other blogs too but make sure you don't SPAM.If you do,you will be considered as you don't want to build better and good relationship.So Build relationship with your readers and other bloggers for better enhancement of your blog.

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  1. These are some good suggestions but #5 is a bit confusing. I think Google does not follow the link on comments anymore. So, only way you can get audience from comments is posting link to your blog. I hate this and I delete those types of comments that I get on my blog.

    1. #5 says if your blog have content, then it's more likely that you are going to get more visitor from search engine. More visitor means more comments.

  2. Great post Tony, and good follow up Jack. I think this arena of discussion revolves around certain definitions that can be defined from several viewpoints. Specifically the "truth of the souls". Jack I believe you are from the perspective that this entails what human nature is and how people work and what makes them tic, and you assert with this knowledge someone can and will readily take advantage of the masses for personal gain. I agree with you with that specific knowledge a rhetor or in modern times a politician can spin their speech in a very selfish self serving manner. However I don't interpret what the "truth of the souls" to be the same thing. I'm of the belief that the "truth of souls" as Socrates seeks is an orientation of perspectives or world views rather than a specific grain of knowledge that can be used for manipulation. This perspective I'm referring to the ultimately unattainable but for what one strives to find. The truth of souls to me is the orientation to the good, and the view that we can't completely have the good because, as appealing to the chariot analogy in Socrates second speech in the Phaedrus, we all contain a untamed horse that doesn't allow us to "dwell" immortally among the domain of the 'Gods' or maintain a perpetual state of enlightenment or beauty, but the mere fact we recognize its magnificence is what I would classify what the truth of the souls is.
    Therefore with this definition I would argue that once your on the path to the "truth of souls" you are aligning your thought process with the care of your 'soul'. Also with this comes motivation to help/show others your perspective so they may be less ignorant to the question of "what is the good?"