Friday, 1 August 2014

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How To Get More Views On Bubblews and Earn more

Bubblews is a website which allows you to write posts and provides you money for every visits,likes and comments.Many people earned a lot of money from this site as it is legit.
 Many bloggers use this for earning as they post their blog post here and it gets crazy views to it.Now you can Get More Views On Bubblews by using these Strategies and Earn more money.

How To Get More Views On Bubblews

 I just tried these methods and i got some good result.There are many strategies for getting views and this is my personal one.

1.Get More Views

 This method helped me to get more views and i got some good earnings.
First you must have a domain to get this trick.It is easy and also working.
I wrote an article on Bubble News and i got the link of it as everyone does. 
Now the trick comes: I went to my domain dashboard and used Domain forwarding to the bubblews post link.
        After that i Added that page in stumbleupon as it produces immediate traffic to a site.
After some time add your link again in stumbleupon but add a "?" symbol which makes it a different one.Try adding to various Categories for more results.
For example:

This will make the link to look like different link but you will be redirected to same page.Try adding some symbols like "=" etc.Some domains like .tk are not accepted by Stumbleupon

Why I Used A Domain

     When i tried to add a normal bubblews link,the domain was not accepted and I tried using a lot of URL shortening services and all of them were not accepted by stumbleupon.Before some days,I tried some shortening services like smarturl and ucut it which were accepted by stumbleupon but now they are not accepted.
 But a custom domain is accepted in stumbleupon and It generated a immediate boostup in visits.

2.Posting on Bubblews

 This is an another one that works great for most of the people.All you have to do is to post on Bubblews on How To Get More Views On Bubblews or some related topics.So when people searches for the title on GOOGLE,the bubblews site with your post link shows up.

 Many people click on the Bubblews link as it is trusted and Your post receives a good traffic which will make you earn more money.This method works good as Bubblews has good rankings in GOOGLE SERP.
Check this link for the post on Bubblews
This post is the post on Bubblews on How to get more views on the bubblews.

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