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Broaded.Net-Get Traffic Without Search Engine and Social Media

Every blogger's hard work is to get good traffic to their blog.For this everyone spend their time in SEO and social media traffic process.These have great potential to drive traffic to your blog but you have to work hard to use that potential fully.We have to follow some SEO optimization tips and ways to get good traffic from search engine as we have to top the SERP
Broaded.Net-Get Traffic Without Search Engine and Social Media

Broaded.Net-Get Traffic Without Search Engine and Social Media

 Now you can get good amount of traffic in extremely GOOGLE friendly way without search engine and social media and the method will not affect your social or search engine traffic.

BROADED.NET is the website that offers the service of getting good quality traffic to your blog in a google friendly manner from other blogs without social media or search engines.

It is web service started by our dear friend,Enstine Muki-a popular blogger and SEO consultant.He started this new service that can help bloggers to get traffic to their blogs.


All you have to do is to signup on and you will be provided with 100 credits for the signup as bonus.
Now create a campaign and add your article and set the credits for the clicks or impression.(clicking is recommended).
That's all,your site will be pending for approval.Once approved,traffic flow into your blog.

Working Of Broaded.Net

 The working of is so simple and it is completely GOOGLE friendly.
Bloggers will have Broaded widget installed on their blog.(currently widget is available only for wordpress as it is in BETA and blogger will be added soon).
When you submit your article,Your article link on broaded will be displayed on those blogs and when people click it,you will get traffic from broaded referral being safe to your blog.

Working of broaded.ney

Above is the graph provided by describing the working of their service.

How To Earn Credits

 You can earn credits by adding widget to your blog.When people click on the links of broaded widget on your blog,you will gain credits and the submitted person's credit will be deducted.
You can also add credits by Paying money with some excellent offers.

Banner Advertsing

 Using,you can also submit banners that can be shown on various blogs just like the article links.It is more or less similar to advertising but this is a safe and friendly way.

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