Tuesday, 2 September 2014

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UNIVERCELL SYNC-New Innovative Store For Mobiles

Univercell which has been in the mobile retail business as old as the mobile retail market for more than 17 years when mobiles entered INDIA.They have been in the field successfully selling mobiles across india through various branches.
Univercell is the first one to introduce Live Showrooms which allows us to experience or use the mobile and then select the mobile.This was greatly welcomed and later many stores followed the same procedure.

UNIVERCELL SYNC-New Innovative Store For Mobiles


 Recently some months before,Univercell Have launched a new innovative store called as UNIVERCELL SYNC.It is also a live showroom but with some great features.
The whole store was divided in to 4 zones based on mobile usage


 A separate place for music mobiles with headphones,headsets and speakers.

We can use each and every speakers,headphones and check with our mobile and can buy it.The top Music mobile with sound quality is placed here.


In this zone,The top featured camera mobiles are placed.A separate studio like section with lighting is placed where we can use the displayed mobiles to take picture and print it via mobile printer.


In this zone,the top business and work related mobiles are shown which are mostly tablets that can be used for the business purposes.



 Here the gaming performance mobiles are placed and the Kids of the customers can use the tablets and mobiles to play games in this area.

And Additionally there are the two areas
 The Bazaar Area:here the top selling mobiles are kept
 Trending:Here the top trending mobiles are displyed.


 A new service here is the UNIVERCELL TOTAL CARE.IF your mobile is damaged for any number of times within the given period,you can call them and your mobile will be pick upped at your doorstep and serviced and delivered for FREE.This is a new innovative service and it can be availed in Univercell Live showroom also.

Final Words

 As of Now,Only 10 stores are opened across INDIA,including One In Chennai and this will make a new idea of mobiles sale marketing.This innovative way will definitely helps you to choose mobiles meeting your requirements.


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