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How To Get More Clients/Customers For SEO And Blogging Services

Many bloggers are improving their knowledge on SEO and are experimenting on it to get the best results.The ultimate goal of any SEO experiment and technique is to get to TOP in a Search Engine Result Page(SERP) most probably GOOGLE
How To Get More Clients For SEO Services

Many bloggers offer these service to other bloggers to build their blog with much better SEO and more techniques as PAID SERVICE.Their earnings solely depend on the number of clients or customers who approach them or they get and the type of service they provide.

Amount of Money varies from service to service.Their are various service like link building,SEO optimization,Article writing,SEO-SEM,site structure optimization and more each having prices according to it.

Now here are the ways by which you can get good number of clients for your service.


 Without any doubt,Facebook is the best way to get more clients for your service.Be active on facebook and get to know other fellow bloggers.Check out their blogs and contact them.

facebook engagement for clients

 Post some of your blogging experiments and results and gain their trust and surely they will contact you to get your service and you will have a lot of good name.
But make sure you do the job good. Facebook will help us to reach many bloggers by joining various Facebook groups related to BLOGGING,SEO etc.

2.Newbie Bloggers

 Newbie bloggers are the bloggers who will be surely looking out for help.But most of them will not spend money for services as they are new to blogosphere and will hesitate to do that.
help new bloggers

 Help them with some services for free and help them improve their blog.After that there is a good chance that they take the service offered by you.
 While providing the free service explain them about your service and you can get them take your service.

3.SEO CLERKS,FIVERR and Freelance Sites.

  SEO CLERKS is the site that is like an online marketplace where the customers or clients takes help from other bloggers just like buying an item from online shopping sites.
 It requires us to post the service we can offer and it will be displayed on the site and there will be many users who visit the site.
SEO clerks services

You can join SEO CLERKS by Clicking HERE


 TO SELL a service from SEO clerks,Hover to the SELLER tab on the top header and hover to SELL.You will find the following options:
  •  Sell a Service
  •  Sell an Article
  •  Sell Tweets
  •  Sell Blog Reviews
  •  Sell an eBook
  •  Sell a Software
  •  Sell a Theme

These are the various selling options you can see there.Select the one you want to sell and post about the service describing it and what you will be providing.
Set the rate for your service and post images if needed and post it.Now your service listing will be displayed on the SEOCLERKS and clients will see them.
 When a person likes your service and when they buy it,you have to finish the job within the time and you will receive the payment once all is set.SEO clerks is only for SEO and Blog related services
 Other Sites like Fiverr,Freelancer also allows us to post our jobs to display to their visitors and they may buy the service and you got the clients.These sites requires your offer/Service to be more attractive and the price must be reasonable because there will be a lot of other people offering the same service for different rates.
 These sits takes some amount as commission and gives your part of the money.


 This is another great way that all bloggers use to get clients.Just add a page to your blog as SERVICE PAGE and describe all the service you were offering.

services page image

 Describe all and various service you offer and it is recommended not to display price if you are flexible with rates.Most of the visitors drop their idea of taking services by seeing rates.
 Just mention the minimum starting rates.If you are sure that your rates are low,then mention it and you will get good number of clients.
Include Contact form in this page so that the clients can easily contact you and also give your email ID's that they contact through it.
 The number of clients here depends on the number of visitors as one of the factor.
 To get more visitors and trust of them,Just add the RESULTS of Your offered service to other clients and Add TESTIMONIALS of various clients to your service page.
 This will surely influence the visitors to take your service to get them benefitted.

Check Our Service Page Here


 This method can get you good number of clients.All you have to do is to create attractive(But Not Spammy) look banners and posters and display them on your blog.

services banners

 Your sidebar and footer is the best place to display then as they will be shown in each and every post and site of the blog.Link the image to the service page and you will definitely get clients.


 These are the some good ways to get clients for SEO service.The fact of getting anything is upto us.We must implement new techniques and impressive methods to get these clients.But the most important thing to get more clients not only to SEO service but to all service is the quality,satisfaction and the TRUST.

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