Thursday, 18 June 2015

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6 Killer Tips That Every Newbie Blogger Should Know

Blogging has slowly become one of the coolest ways to share content with customers. Blogs are engaging, captivating and if they capture the interest of customers and the aim is always publishing interactive content people enjoy reading and sharing with friends.
6 Killer Tips That Every Newbie Blogger Should Know

Whether you’re a personal blogger or write blogs for your business, it is always a challenging affair to find inspiration and write content that is relevant and acceptable to users and make them interact with it by sharing it on platforms like Facebook and Twitter.
Here are a few blogging tricks everyone should know before they venture out into the bold, demanding world of the internet:

Gauge your Audience

First of all, it’s imperative to know who your blog is catering to and what the profile of your users is, what their interests are and what kind of content they’d enjoy. You can find out by following the tweets and comments of your users which will give you a better insight into what kind of content they engage most with, do they like blogs on food, entertainment, technology and where is the major traffic being drawn.

Write because You Want To

Ask yourself if you truly enjoy blogging and if it gives you the satisfaction you hope for? Write articles that you’d enjoy reading rather than putting the pressure of what you’re audience wants to read. Figure out what thoughts and ideas intrigue you and then put them into words. This will automatically enhance your writing and you will find it easier to publish content.
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Cater to the Existing Readers

Many a times as bloggers, we get quite consumed to find new readers and widen our viewership and sometimes whilst doing so, we neglect the tastes and preferences of our current, loyal readers. Take time out to show your current users you value them as well and this will further help you increase in popularity with a good word of mouth publicity from your existing users.

Build a Call-To-Action

Expecting users to follow sidebars or to reply on your twitter or leave a comment is not the best of ideas. Towards the end, engage with your users and ask them to leave their views or follow you on Twitter as this will have a much more positive impact on your users and with a call to action button, your reach will increase immensely.
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Bring Consistency 

One of the biggest challenges faced by bloggers is to maintain a consistent traffic and it’s a lot easier to lose the traffic and momentum. For this reason, you need to blog regularly and keep up the content quality so your audience always finds it valuable to spend time on your blogs. If they take time out to visit you, you need to make sure they get the value they demand. This will help you strengthen your online presence and increase the number of subscribers.

Focus on your Writing

It’s important to keep your content to the point and crisp so that your audience get their share of inspiration and insight without having to scroll through pages and pages before you make your point. The content should not be vomited and should be of a good length to make a point with the users. End of the day your users should feel they have a good take away from your content.

It is true that content is king and if you’re able to deliver good content through blogging, it’ll help generate a lot of user traffic which is what your website needs. A good, catchy blog will always bring you rewards in the long run as it’s a sure shot way to ensure loyalty from customers.

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